Miniplan Pro

miniPLAN Pro allows rapid creation of detailed building floor plans as you measure. It contains a range of easy to use tools that allow any room shape to be easily surveyed and floor areas, surface areas and room volumes are calculated automatically as you work. With its simple to use interface miniPLAN Pro is designed to work in the same way you do already – sketch your room (on the screen of your mobile computer, rather than on a scrap of paper) then measure using your Bluetooth enabled Leica DISTO™.

As the measurements are beamed to your mobile computer your sketch resizes automatically and then your floor plan can be immediately opened in any CAD or drawing package.

The software comes fully set up and ready to use with over 150 features that can be found in a building, from doors and windows through to a wide range of services and architectural structures.

miniPLAN Pro is easily customised and templates can be set up for carrying out surveys in specific types of building. It is ideally suited to running on a tablet computer, a laptop, or even on your desktop PC.

This product is ideal for Surveyors, Architects, Commercial Energy Assessors, and other users creating highly detailed, accurate floor plans and areas needing to reduce site costs and slash office time previously spent drawing up floor plans.

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Miniplan Pro