At last...a system that allows you to work in the way you want to. Sketch as you would with pen and paper, then measure as fast as you can move around the room. It's as easy as that! Your sketch resizes as you measure and is transferred to CAD in seconds.

The videos listed below will talk you through using the miniPLAN software. To view a video, click on the "Download" button to download the video.
Visit the MiniPLAN YouTube Channel for more videos and information.

Tutorial Title Link
1 Create a new project a floor and an initial room
2 Measuring complicated rooms
3 Create a new room using control lines
4 Matching properties, bracing, hinging and curves
5 Using control points and adding features
6 Using the array tool
7 Line features
8 Staircase tool, attributes and moving text around
9 Bay window tool